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Amateur Extra Class Exam Question Pool

The questions are divided into the subelements listed below and are the exact questions that the licensing exams are taken from. They are not example questions but are the word-for-word the exact questions that you will encounter on the exams.


The current Amateur Extra question pool went into effect on July 1, 2020, and will be valid for exams through June 30, 2024.


Of the 622 possible questions contained in the question pool, 50 of these questions will appear on your exam.


To pass the Amateur Extra Class amateur radio operators license examination you must answer a minimum of 37 of the 50 questions correctly.




Click on the links below to access the questions in that subelement of the pool. Correct answers are Highlighted

Subelement E-1           Subelement E-2          Subelement E-3          Subbelement E-4          Subelement E-5
Subelement E-6           Subelement E-7          Subelement E-8          Subbelement E-9          Subelement E-0
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