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My interests include Amateur Radio, Message Traffic Handling, Disaster Preparedness, Space Weather,

Terrestrial Weather, APRS, Doppler Radio Location Direction Finding,  Emergency Communications, Packet-Radio,

Scottish Kilts, Smoking Pipes, Sustainable Organic Gardening, Composting, Worm Farming, Constitutional Rights,

Food Preservation, Microbiology, Soil Microbiology, Sustainability, Long-Term Food Storage, and much more.

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By Dr. Tamitha Skove

Updated:  09/02/2020

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#45 - How To End Police Misconduct Quickly and Forever

Before I even start this discussion, I first want to make it extremely clear that I am vehemently opposed to the "Black Lives Matter" movement. No life matters any more than any other life, yet their very name and their chants leads one to believe that they feel that "black lives" matter more than any others do. All Lives Matter Equally. As many of you know already, I come from a military and law enforcement background. I served for 17 years in the US Marine Corps as a Military Police Officer, and an additional 10 years in civilian law enforcement, so I have a unique perspective in that I have seen the situations that I will be discussing from both sides of the fence so to speak. Some of you

#44 - Oceans Rising & No Water to Drink?

I keep hearing over and over again two very important issues that everyone needs to be concerned about, but no one seems to be doing anything about either of them. Democraps keep saying how they are so concerned about the rising ocean levels and how within a few decades we are going to loose entire cities along our coasts due to icepack melt at the poles. Here in Hawaii we are losing shoreline at an extremely rapid rate. Both Waikiki Beach on Oahu's South Shore and Sunset Beach on Oahu's North Shore are all but non-existent now as the erosion continues to sweep the sand from the beaches out to sea. Waikiki, along with the main international airport in Honolulu was built at sea-level and a co

#43 - Text Messaging via HF Radio

For the last couple days I have been playing around with a new program that I have installed that eventually will replace the popular Winlink Global Radio Email system that I wrote an article about last month in Episode 20 of my Sensible Prepping Series entitled Worldwide Email via HF Radio This new system is called ARDOP, or the Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol. ARDOP is a joint venture between the people that created Winlink along with other amateur radio developers. While Winlink is great for sending and receiving email globally through HF radio in situations where there is no internet access available, it has its limitations and drawbacks. Hence the need for a replacement. Another pro

#42 - Why I Am Ashamed of My Own Government

Quite often I am ashamed to admit that I am an American citizen. For 17 years I proudly wore the uniform of a United States Marine and fought overseas in several campaigns including 7 tours in the gulf to defend the Constitution and safeguard America against anyone who wanted to harm it . . . or so I believed at the time. The reason I did not retire as a Marine was the fact that my eyes were starting to be opened to the realities of this country and the atrocities and international crimes committed by our government, and the war crimes and other illegal acts committed by those in uniform with no repercussions. I was brainwashed into believing that there was no better country than the United

#41 - Another Big Letdown by Governor Ige

I am going to start a new series on Government and Politics with this being the first episode in the series. Governor Ige has proven once again that he is a spineless bureaucrat and does not have the balls to stand up for and protect the citizens of Hawaii. Net Neutrality is a big concern to the citizens of both Hawaii and the rest of the country. In December the FCC voted to end Net Neutrality which prevented internet service providers from discriminating against people in the way they provided internet content. Without Net Neutrality, ISP's will be able to slow down your internet speed depending on how much you pay them. They are also able to censor the internet by deciding for themselves

# 40 - False Sense of Security - Governor Ige and HI-EMA are Lying to You

According to Governor David Ige, and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, or HI-EMA, if North Korea would attack Hawaii with a nuclear missile more than 90% of the population of Hawaii would survive. They are basing their conclusions on the fact that there were survivors from both Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 when the United States, without warning, murdered hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians and children by dropping two atomic bombs on their cities. Lets take a look at a few things and see if they are drawing sound conclusions or not. First off, they are talking about a nuclear missile detonating on impact in Hawaii. This is where they make their first mistake. North Korea is

# 39 - Ballistic Missile Warning Update

Ok, so it has been almost three weeks since the HI-EMA employee scared the residents to death by "mistakingly" sending out an Inbound Ballistic Missile Warning to the entire state of Hawaii. Now we are finally finding out that it he did NOT send the message by mistake, he meant to do exactly what he did. He purposefully sent out the Ballistic Missile Warning because he thought we were under attack. Apparently the employee overheard an audible message similar to the one that he sent out, but he missed the beginning of the transmission that clearly began with the statement: "EXERCISE . . . EXERCISE . . . EXERCISE" and he again missed the exact same "EXERCISE . . . EXERCISE . . . EXERCISE" mess



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