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Incoming Message Traffic

A Radiogram is basically like a Telegram, but instead of it being transmitted over telegraph wires as in the past, a Radiogram is transmitted over the radio airwaves, in this case on the Amateur Radio frequencies.

This is a completely FREE service provided by Amateur Radio operators around the world. There is no cost involved to send or receive a Radiogram. If you would like to send a Radiogram to someone, click here.


Below is a listing of current Radiogram Message Traffic that I have received and am trying to deliver along with the date it was received on. If you are on this list, please fill in the form below so that I can deliver your message(s) to you.​ 


If your callsign is listed above, complete the form below with your information so that I can locate your Radiogram message and deliver it to you at no cost. This is a Free Public Service provided by Amateur Radio Operators.

Mahalo! Information Received. I will contact you shortly to deliver your Radiogram.

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