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My Ancestry

I am descended from a long line of royalty which includes 5 English Kings, namely, Edward "the Elder", Edmund "the Magnificent", Edgar "the Peaceable", Ethelred "the Unready", and Edmund II "Ironside". My ancestry also includes 4 Wessex Kings including Alfred the Great who was my 30th Great Grandfather.


Additional royal ancestors include 4 Scottish Kings including David I, Malcolm III, William I "The Lion", and Duncan the First King of Scotland. Saint Margaret of Wessex Atheling Queen of Scotland, an English Princess who married Malcolm III King of Scotland thereby becoming Queen of Scots was also my 23rd Great Grandmother.

I also have 2 Pictish Kings, 3 Kings of Dal Riata, and 2 Kings of Northumbria in my ancestry.


Because of these royal bloodlines, my ancestry is able to be traced as far back as 595 A.D. 

Many movies and television shows have been produced over the years featuring historical figures from my ancestry including Centurian, The Eagle, The Last Kingdom, Braveheart, Highlander, Vikings, Attack of the Normans, The Vikings, Alfred the Great, The Ceremony of Innocense, Macbeth, The Bruce, The Queen, and Rob Roy just to name a few.


It is a strange feeling to watch a movie like The Last Kingdom which features Alfred The Great and to think to yourself, "that is your 30th Great Grandfather's story being told". All of these movies have historical aspects which are not exactly correct, but they are still fun to watch and it makes them feel more a part of you.

My ancestry also contains Scots who were sold into slavery to colonies in America. Most people only know of Africans as being slaves in America however, there were many Scots and Irish who were sold to America as slaves as the English saw them as heathens and less than humans. England also passed laws allowing for the sale of Scots whom they deemed to be "undesirable". The judges of Edinburgh Scotland during the years 1662-1665 ordered the enslavement and shipment to the colonies a large number of Scots who "made life unpleasant for the British upper class".  

Scots who rose up against the British and demanded their independence were often sold into Slavery to the colonies in America to prevent them from taking part in future uprisings. Several of these Scots that were sold as slaves to America fought against the British in the American Revolutionary war.​

I am mainly from Scottish, English, French, and German descent with 71% of my DNA showing to be from the Kingdoms of Pictland, Dal Riata, and Northumbria. Later the Kingdoms of Pictland, Dal Riata, and Northumbria all merged together to form The Kingdom of Alba, which is known as Scotland today.

I am extremely proud of my ancestry and proudly wear the Scottish kilt to honor that royal heritage.


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