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The Prepper's Library

I will be adding hundreds of articles, checklists, charts, and books below that you can download to help in your preparations. As I come across new relevant information I will add it below.


Entries highlighted in yellow are highly recommended reading and should be included in every prepper's personal library in printed form. A few items, which are marked in red, were over the 25MB size limit to allow direct uploading to the website, those items can be obtained directly from me, just send me an email request and I will send it right to you. 


Please be responsible with the information contained below and be sure to follow any applicable local, state and Federal laws. Information is listed purely for academic purposes. I am not responsible for anyone's misuse of the information provided or of their actions which are beyond my control.

Food & Water
Health & Medical
Home Security
Military Manuals
General Prepping & Homesteading
Weapons & Explosives
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