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Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System (NBEMS)

By utilizing Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System, also known as NBEMS, we are able to transmit digital communications and files over HF, VHF, and UHF radio frequencies. This is especially useful in a disaster situation where precise information needs to be communicated such as victim lists, supplies needed, resource availability, etc.


The method that we use to accomplish this is by using the FLdigi suite of software which is available to download and use at no cost. The only cost associated with NBEMS is for purchasing a sound card to go between your computer and radio if your radio does not already have this function built in. I recommend the SignaLink USB sound card, it is an inexpensive item that works well for NBEMS.

Getting the SignaLink USB and the various software setup and configured may seem like a daunting task and can leave a person feeling overwhelmed. believe me, I was in your shoes myself as I attempted to get everything configured on my own. I am going to try to make everything much simpler to understand and walk you through the setup process to get you up and going with NBEMS.

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