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Send A Radiogram

A Radiogram, also known as a radiotelegraph is basically a telegram that is sent over the radio instead of through telegraph wires. Once entered into the traffic system, a Radiogram is passed on, or relayed, from one radio operator to another,  either using voice, CW (also called Morse Code), or by digital modes, until it reaches its final destination and is delivered to the intended addressee.


There is absolutely no cost for sending or receiving a Radiogram, it is a completely free service provided by Amateur Radio operators around the world.


If you would like to send a Radiogram to someone, please complete the form below. Once submitted, your request will be processed as soon as possible and entered into the Radio Relay International and National Traffic System traffic networks for delivery to the recipient. Radiograms are designed to be used for short messages and are limited to 25 words or less including punctuation which will be spelled out and counts as a word. ARRL Numbered Radiograms use numbers that stand for sentences or phrases and can be used to send a longer message using fewer words.


You will receive a confirmation notice when the Radiogram has been sent to the recipient, and another when it has been delivered to the recipient.


If you have any trouble or need assistance in creating a Radiogram message or an ARRL Numbered Radiogram message, call me at 808-664-4030.

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