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#161 - Winter Field Day Has Been Canceled For Me

Unfortunately I will not be participating in the ARRL Winter Field Day contest this weekend as I started having symptoms yesterday that match the new variants of the "China Virus". So, as a precaution, I will be isolating myself per the CDC guidelines for 5 days.

After two years of waiting, I finally get the sniffles. My symptoms included a runny nose and sneezing all day yesterday. About midnight I woke up with a sore throat and a very mild 99 degree fever. I also have body aches all over, but at my age that is no different from any other day.

I am highly doubtful that it could possibly be the China Virus as I have not been around anyone lately to have possibly been exposed to it. But, since I am showing symptoms, I will take necessary precautions to prevent infecting others. I am also taking the first at-home rapid-test right now. I will have to follow it up with a second test in a few days, but these tests are known to be highly unreliable, giving both false negative as well as false positive results so I do not put much stock in what they say. I am following the symptoms instead.

And, 10 minutes later, just as I suspected, a negative test result with a single blue line. A positive result would have a blue line along with a pink line beside it.

As I said before, I do not put much stock in these tests, so, even though it shows to be negative, I am still isolating myself for 5 days from the onset of symptoms per the CDC guidelines which is what everyone should be doing anytime they are sick. You don't need a test, if you feel sick stay the fuck at home, that's just common sense. The exact same thing you should be doing if you have the flu or the common cold too. No one wants your damned germs, so keep them to yourself and keep yourself at home.

Until Next Time,

Aloha & 73



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