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#166 - WH6FQE (B) D-Star Repeater Is Now Online

I completed the installation of the new WH6FQE (B) D-Star repeater last night and the repeater is now on-air and available for local public use. The coverage area of the repeater should include the entire south shore of Oahu from Kapolei to Honolulu. Tourists and visitors to Oahu are welcome to use the repeater.

The input frequency of the repeater is 449.7000 MHz., and the Output frequency is 444.7000 MHz. At this time there is no or CTCSS code necessary to access the repeater. If there ends up being any interference issues we may have to add a CTCSS code in the future.

The repeater is being set up on a solar-powered battery bank backup which will allow it to remain operational 24/7 for local communications in the event of an emergency. The repeater is using a 6dB gain antenna currently, but a new 11.5dB gain replacement antenna has been ordered for the repeater and will be installed in the coming weeks when it arrives. This should greatly increase the footprint of the repeater.

Over the next few days I will be getting the internet gateways installed on the system and I will announce when the gateways have been enabled.



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