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Unapologetically Politically Incorrect

Warning, There may be something in this video that you may find offensive, oh well. I have something important to say and if you watch it all the way through and you may just change your mind.

I talk today about an encounter that I had yesterday with a longtime friend that made me think about a few things. I would like you to stop and think about something too.

If I have said something in this video that offended you, I am sorry. Not that I said it, but that you were such a weak-minded individual to allow something that I said to offend you. Toughen up a little.

We all need to grow a thicker skin and stop being such pansies all the time. It is time to grow a pair and take a stand for what is right and stop letting the minority decide what you should think, or what you should feel.

Stop being so Politically Correct all the time and worrying about how someone else might feel about something you may say or think. If someone else can not accept your beliefs and feelings, then that is their problem, not yours.

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