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# 09 - The #1 Threat in an SHTF Situation

I see preppers all the time stocking up thousands of boxes of ammunition and always trying to purchase the newest and fanciest guns along with all the high-tech accessories they can find for them.

If they want to survive, they need to get their head out of their asses and understand what the real threat to their lives will be.

Everyone always thinks about riots and gangs trying to steal their food and supplies as their biggest threat in a SHTF situation but they don't think about something much more dangerous and much smaller that will kill more people than anything else after a major disaster hits.

Bacteria and other microorganisms will be running rampant after a major disaster, and if it is a SHTF situation, we may not have access to electricity and water so hygiene will not be handled the same as it is now which will lead to minor illnesses or injuries becoming major life-threatening situations.

Just think about it, you no longer have access to clean running water, so when you get a minor cut or scratch you do not clean it as well as you normally would now, so it gets infected. A minor infection can quickly become deadly without proper medical care.

Or perhaps no one is spraying for mosquitos so the local mosquito population explodes just like is trying to happen now in Texas after all of the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Now you have to deal with Zika virus, Malaria, West Nile virus, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, and Chikungunya fever.

Without electricity we are now cooking and heating water over campfires or propane stoves, breathing in smoke. Because we have limited access to clean water things are not getting washed down as often so there will be more dust particles in our houses or tents, which could lead to lower respiratory infections.

Simple food poisoning will be a bigger threat to everyone than armed gangs. Without refrigeration and a large supply of potable water for cleaning, food safety will be a huge issue.

Diarrhea will run rampant throughout encampments and families because of the food safety issues as well as the fact that our diets have suddenly and drastically changed and our bodies are not used to eating the rice and beans or MREs that you stocked up 3 meals a day. Within a few weeks or a month you will be literally shitting your guts out.

You must slowly get your body used to these new foods over time, not when the SHTF and you have no other choice, or you have to stop stocking rice, beans, and MREs and learn how to home can foods so that you can start stocking the normal foods that you are eating everyday now. I will get into home canning of foods for long-term food storage in a future episode.

Within just a few weeks there would be widespread epidemics of Cholera, Dysentery, and Typhoid that will kill a large number of survivors of the initial incident.

One thing that preppers should be stocking up more of than guns and ammunition is vitamins and antibiotics. Those are what are going to ensure that you are still alive to protect your families. Get your priorities in order.

Or just keep your closed-minds and keep stocking up the way you are now and the rest of us that truly understand what the real threat to our lives will be after a major disaster will be able to scavenge over your corpses for the guns and ammunition that we need later on when our supplies start to run low.

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Also we will have an episode on the need for a Wilderness First Aid training even if you live in a city. We will also take a look at the need for "Sanitation After A Disaster".

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