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# 10 - Many Preppers Will Die Quickly in a True SHTF Situation

September 18, 2017

I want to discuss a topic that always gets people heated up and defensive. If you are one of the people that get defensive about this discussion and get heated about me saying this, then perhaps you should look in the mirror as you may be one of the people I am referring to.


I believe there will be a few different ways that other preppers will react to this discussion:


  • Many will get all defensive and say that I don't know what I am talking about and stop reading. If this is you, then I wish you and your family all the best in the end.

  • Some will actually listen to what I have to say with an open mind and realize that there may just be some changes that you need to make to your disaster plans to be better prepared.

  • A few are already aware of this information and it will merely be a reminder to them.


Many, if not most of the "hardcore preppers" out there will die off rather quickly in a true SHTF situation and it will be due in large part because of the prepping that they have done.


When a SHTF situation occurs they believe they will grab their assault rifles to defend their homes or communities from looters and gangs that will be trying to steal their supplies.


The reality would be different however. No matter how large or widespread the disaster is, every law enforcement officer is not going to just lay down their arms, throw away their badges and walk off the jobs letting you do whatever you want to do. They will be doing everything they can do to keep their grasp on law and order.


If it were an EMP or something similar that took out the entire national power grid along with most communications (all communications will never be taken out completely, but we will get into that in a future episode) local government will be in charge. A police captain or sergeant may be the highest ranking person representing local government that is left in a real SHTF situation.


The lower level the person is, the less likely they will be adequately trained to coordinate a major disaster. For instance, if the Mayor is in charge, he will be better equipped to coordinate a large scale disaster than a typical beat cop would be because theoretically he has practiced handling disaster situations with members of Civil Defense, Police, Fire, EMS, ARES, RACES, etc. A typical beat officer has no experience doing this, so they will be "winging it".