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# 14 - Is Bitcoin Really Safe?

A lot of preppers are moving away from keeping cash and fiat currencies that are subject to inflation and economic collapse and have been moving over to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies because they feel it is safer. But they are making a huge mistake by doing this because they are forgetting a very important flaw that is built right into crypto currencies.

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are not something that you can hold in your hand, they exist completely online. So what happens if the United States gets hit with a Super EMP weapon tomorrow that causes the entire national electric grid to collapse. Suddenly there is no electricity, no computers, no wifi, no internet.

Your stash of crypto currency that you were so proud of having are now suddenly completely worthless because you can not get to them. If you can not use them, they have absolutely no value at all.

Look at Puerto Rico, it has been almost a month since the island was devastated by two back to back hurricanes yet close to 75% of the island is still without electricity. All of those in Puerto Rico found out very quickly how worthless their crypto currencies were as soon as they lost electricity and the ability to access the internet.

Relying on crypto currencies, which you will not have access to in a SHTF grid-down situation is a foolish thing to do. Having currency, precious metals, precious stones, and barter materials on hand is your safest solution in and immediately after a disaster situation. Keep your valuables in your posession so that you can get to them when you really need them.


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