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#41 - Another Big Letdown by Governor Ige

I am going to start a new series on Government and Politics with this being the first episode in the series.


Governor Ige has proven once again that he is a spineless bureaucrat and does not have the balls to stand up for and protect the citizens of Hawaii.


Net Neutrality is a big concern to the citizens of both Hawaii and the rest of the country. In December the FCC voted to end Net Neutrality which prevented internet service providers from discriminating against people in the way they provided internet content.


Without Net Neutrality, ISP's will be able to slow down your internet speed depending on how much you pay them. They are also able to censor the internet by deciding for themselves what content you will have access to in internet searches and what content they do not want you to see. If the ISP does not like the particular content of a provider, they can just not include it in your search results.


This is of particular interest to conservatives, those in the prepper community, libertarians, religious communities, and anyone who speaks out against the mainstream media or government entities, politicians, and pulic servants as their voices could potentially be suppressed by the ISP. There would no longer be a notion of Freedom of Speech on the internet.


On Monday, everyone thought Governor Ige was doing a good thing when he signed Executive Order 18-02 concerning Net Neutrality in Hawaii, however people failed to actually read what the Executive Order actually says. I have added the exact wording of Executive Order 18-02 below:



Executive Order No. 18-02


          WHEREAS, the people of Hawai'i expect and rely on the freedom to be connected to all websites, applications and content they desire, without filtering, blocking, prioritization, or throttling of content by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)- a guiding principle called, "net neutrality"; and


           WHEREAS, net neutrality preserves the First Amendment right of free speech -­ the right for people of the Aloha State to communicate and access information freely online; and


          WHEREAS, Hawai'i's citizens rely on a free and open internet to participate in the democratic process, research important family and personal decisions, learn and be entertained; and