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#45 - How To End Police Misconduct Quickly and Forever

February 24, 2018

Before I even start this discussion, I first want to make it extremely clear that I am vehemently opposed to the "Black Lives Matter" movement. No life matters any more than any other life, yet their very name and their chants leads one to believe that they feel that "black lives" matter more than any others do. All Lives Matter Equally.


As many of you know already, I come from a military and law enforcement background. I served for 17 years in the US Marine Corps as a Military Police Officer, and an additional 10 years in civilian law enforcement, so I have a unique perspective in that I have seen the situations that I will be discussing from both sides of the fence so to speak.


Some of you may be old enough to remember back many years ago when a police officer was respected in their community, because they earned that respect by how they performed their jobs and treated the citizens of their communities. An officer was ready to lay down his life to save the lives of the citizens. They were there to help the citizens as public servants. They treated others with respect and received the same respect back from the public in return. Oh, those were the "good ol' days".


Many things have changed over time, including the attitude of the police officer. No longer are they seen as your friend, there to help you in time of need, but now they are seen by a growing percentage of the population as adversaries who are there to collect revenue for their department, harass, intimidate, and possibly arrest or even murder innocent law-abiding people.


In recent years the incidents of misconduct and civil-rights violations committed by police officers has risen dramatically as more police departments become militarized with armored vehicles and armored assault vehicles, militaristic assault weapons, and training funded by grants provided by the Department of Homeland Security. 


A 2017 study found a statistically significant positive relationship between militarization of the police and fatalities from officer-involved shootings. (Reference: 1, 2)


One of the reasons that police officers seemingly get away with murdering innocent civilians, often times in cases of mistaken identity, or relying on unreliable information and lazy police work or tips leading police SWAT teams to raid innocent citizens homes in the middle of the night and shooting the homeowners is because we see over and over again that nothing happens to the officers.


In almost every incident an "internal investigation" determines that the officers did not do anything against the department's policies. This is part of the whole problem, the department's policies.


Instead of an officer willing to lay down his life to protect the citizens that he swore to protect and serve, now the standard mantra is "do whatever it takes to come home tonight". They are now putting their lives above all o