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#49 - Don't Desecrate My Flag

I am sick of seeing the desecrated United States flag with the blue line running across the center of it that represents the largest terrorist organization and gang in the world as they continuously terrorize, extort, and violate the rights of the citizens of the country.

This "blue line flag" is just one more thing to drive the wedge further between law enforcement and the citizens, ripping the divide ever wider.

Far too long now we have sat back and allowed law enforcement in this country to morph into the behemoth that we have today. They have long ago forgotten their true role in society and far too many of them treat the citizens as slaves, or chattel to do with as they wish.

Many of them approach citizens with attitudes that demonstrate their clear disdain for the citizens. They believe we should bow down to their authority, worship their badge, and follow their commands without question.

They have forgotten that they are the servants of the citizens. They no longer believe that they are accountable to the people. They only reason that they have power and authority is because we allow them to have it, and that same power and authority can be taken away if they continue to abuse it.

My grandfather taught me a very important lesson when I was a child. That is that respect is not given, it is earned. You can not expect someone to respect you, simply because of who you are or what position of authority you have. They respect you because you have done something to earn that respect.

This is the simple reason that so many people no longer respect most police officers, because those police officers have done nothing to earn that respect. They no longer respect the citizens and treat them with the same respect that they want to receive.

I served for 17 years in the US Marine Corps for our flag and what it represents, and to see it used in this way is appalling. It sickens me to think of all those Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen who gave the ultimate sacrifice throughout the years and how this is disrespecting every single one of their memories.

If those in the law enforcement community truly wanted to regain the trust and respect of their communities, one of the first things they should do is get rid of this symbol of gang-terrorism and citizen oppression.

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