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#54 - Mexico's Migrant Troubles

The Mexican government thought they were going to get back at the United States for building the Border Wall on our Southern border by assisting 1500 migrants from Central America to illegally enter into the United States.

For the past couple weeks a caravan of migrants 1500 strong have been making their way toward the United States - Mexico border. Mexican authorities have been assisting them by organizing busses to take them on their journey to the promised land. Unfortunately for them, their dreams of the Promised Land just got Trumped.

One week ago today President Trump came up with an ingenious plan to secure our Southern border with Mexico that our spineless wastes-of-space legislature in Washington were not able to stop. He built a Human Wall with soldiers from the National Guard augmenting the US Border Patrol.

For once, we finally have a President using the National Guard for it's intended purpose. Previous administrations have deployed the National Guard as a fill-in to replace and supplement regular troops deployed overseas in combat zones. That is not the role of the National Guard. Securing our nation is within the roll of the National Guard.

Only over the past few decades has there not been a military presence on our Southern border with Mexico to defend the country.

Apparently most people have forgotten that Mexico is not now, nor have they ever been our ally or friend. Mexico has shown a clear history of siding with our enemies, including Communist and Socialist regimes and the Germans in World War 2.

Now they are assisting a caravan of people to attempt to illegally enter our country in blatant disregard for our laws and national sovereignty.

Since President Trump ordered the National Guard to secure our Southern border, the caravan has decided not to continue in their futile attempt to enter the United States illegally. The only problem is that they are now all in Mexico and Mexican officials now have to deal with them.

Hey Mexico, how does it feel having 1500 illegal immigrants dumped on your country? As you keep trying to tell us, do the moral thing and let them stay in your country, give them free welfare, and make them all citizens of Mexico.


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