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#59 - $7.7Million Coverup?

According to Russian sources, the Syrian military were successful in intercepting 71 of the 103 cruise missiles launched in the early morning strike on Syria yesterday using Russian made defense systems.

Russian defenses were not used in the attack since none of the missiles targeted areas within the Russian AD responsibility area.

The strike took place in the very early morning hours of the very day that the OPCW fact finding team was to start their investigation in Douma where the chemical attack allegedly occurred on April 10th.

As of 2015, the United States Navy has a stockpile of around 3,500 Tomahawk cruise missiles of all variants, with a combined cost of approximately US $2.6 billion. So, that breaks down to approximately $742,857.14 each which calculates to a grand total of $76,514,285.42 just in the replacement costs of the 103 cruise missile costs that were wasted on this coverup of what really happened in Douma.

If the US, UK, and France are willing to spend $7.7million to coverup the incident, that makes you wonder what really happened. Were the Russians correct in their assertion that British agents were behind the alleged chemical weapons attack?

One thing that surprises me is that President Trump ordered the missile strike on Syria without first getting approval of Congress. This is exactly the same thing that he criticized Obama for doing in 2013.

Trump criticizes Obama for doing the exact same thing.

I suppose if your under a timeline with UN sanctioned investigators about to find out the truth about what really happened, you are able to do whatever it takes to keep the truth buried and the law doesn't matter.

It is abundantly clear that the US, UK, and France had absolutely no interest in finding out what actually happened in Douma on April 10th. They would rather rely on social media accounts and mainstream media pressure to make decisions. I mean, who really needs the truth anyway?


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