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#63 - MFJ-422D Keyer/Paddle Combo Review

About a month ago I ordered the MFJ-422D Electronic Keyer Paddle combination unit for the Morse Code class that I am taking. After using this unit for about a month I decided to give you my review.

One reason I chose this particular combination unit is that I can use it to practice sending code without it being attached to my radio, so I am not limited to where I can practice at.

The MFJ-422D is actually two items combined into one. It is fully functional iambic paddle with a very nice responsive feel to it. Sitting on top of the back of the paddle is a self-contained adjustable electronic keyer to product the tones created by the paddles.

On the side of the unit are adjustment knobs to set the volume and speed of your code. On the back there is an optional 12-volt DC connection port where you are able to plug it in to a wall-wart adapter or a convenient Anderson Power Port adapter from your radio box like I have.

You are not limited to using it when you have 12-volt power available though. Inside the keyer is a 9-volt battery bracket that allows you to mount a battery inside for use on-the-go.

The solid steel base of the 422D is quite heavy, and with the addition of the rubber feet on the bottom it does not slide around as you use the unit as many cheaper versions do.

The only drawback to this unit is the cost. At $274.95 from Amazon it was a hefty investment for the CW class, but after using it for the past month I believe it is worth every penny. This is a quality built piece of equipment that will last for years in your hamshack and will most likely outlive you with proper care.

Once I am finished with this current class, I plan on having many QSO's with this item.

Until next time,

Aloha & 73

MFJ-422D Electronic Keyer Paddle Review:


Compensation Disclosure: I have not received any form of compensation for this review. I ordered my MFJ-422D through Amazon on April 2, 2018. I paid the full price of $274.95 for it and feel that it is worth every penny.


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