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#81 - Border Wars

Before I even start writing this, I already know that I am going to offend a lot of snowflakes out there and they are going to want to call me all kinds of nasty names, and guess what, I couldn't care less.

Tensions have risen at the southern US border with Mexico over the past few years because of differences in feelings over immigration. I would like to point out that I am completely in favor of immigration. I myself am a descendant of immigrants from Scotland. If it were not for the United States having an immigration policy, I would not be sitting here writing this today.

I should also point out that I am completely opposed to people breaking the law and crossing our borders illegally simply because they think they are so special that our immigration laws do not pertain to them.

If a person enters this country illegally, or stays beyond their VISA expiration, they are not an "undocumented immigrant", they are an ILLEGAL ALIEN plain and simple. They have broken the law merely by being inside this country without going through the immigration process, hence according to the law, they are CRIMINALS.

Just in the month of November 2018, over 51,000 illegal aliens, mainly from Central and South America, were arrested attempting to illegally enter the country from Mexico. This is the highest number of illegal imigrant arrests in a single month under the current administrtion.

People keep saying that the border issue is not an emergency situation and not a situation that could effect our National Security. At what point does a mob of thousands of people attempting to illegally cross a border become an emergency situation?

I mean come on people, open your eyes at what is happening here. We are in the midst of what can only be referred to as an invasion and the politically correct, liberal, socialist agenda is to just throw open the borders and let anyone come across who wants to. They want you to believe that the mere mention of a closed border is "racist".

Border security has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. I couldn't care less what color, or race, or religion a person is, they still have to go through the exact same legal hurdles that everyone else had to go through to imigrate into this country.

These people want to come to our country simply because the liberal-left keeps handing them everything. They no longer have to work for anything. Just come to America and we will take care of you, give you free housing, food stamps, free medical care, a drivers license, voting rights, and in many cases, even Social Security benefits.

There are over 500,000 homeless people in the United States, most of them citizens of this country, yet, instead of taking care of their needs the liberal-left would rather allow millions of foreigners to just walk right into our country and have access to the limited resources that are needed to care for our own citizens.

They do not want you to stop and think about where the money would come from to care for the millions of new people coming into the country in addition to the population that we already have. That money would come in the form of higher taxes to the rest of the population.

The only possible way to come up with the additional trillions of dollars that would be necessary every year to care for this sudden population influx is to dramatically increase the tax base of the population, which is exactly what the socialist liberal-left want to do, they just dont want to say anything so you do not think about that part of it.

My ancestors respected the immigration laws of this country and waited as their applications were processed and approved. They did not sneak across the border in the night like a thief, or march up to the border in masses of tens-of-thousands like a hoard of locusts demanding that they be allowed to enter.

There is a limited number of immigrants that we can allow to enter the country every year, to maintain the balance of the country. If it were not for these restrictions we would suddenly have more people than we could possible provide services and food for, in which case everyone would suffer.

We would have "bread lines" and people starving because there is not enough food to feed them just like other Communist and Socialist countries have been dealing with.

The very future of our great country and the security of our childrens future depends on securing our borders from any invasion, and make no mistake, we are being invaded. Just because they are not wearing foreign uniforms and carrying arms makes this no less of an invasion.

Even though I no longer wear the uniform of a United States Marine, I will continue to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, until the day that I die.

You can call me a racist, or a Nazi, or whatever you want, I couldn't care less. The opinions of socialists traitors to this country do not bother me in the least. I will continue to stand for the values that this great country was founded upon.

Until Next Time

Aloha & 73 from Hawaii


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