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#83 - How The United States Fooled the Entire World for Over a Century - Part 2

Legally the United States still only has 49 states because under International Law, before Hawaii could become a state there would have to be a treaty of annexation in place. Yet no treaty of annexation exists.

Every single treaty that the United States has ever signed is stored in the Library of Congress, yet when you search through the Library of Congress for treaties with the Kingdom of Hawaii, one glowing fact stands out. There are no treaties between the United States and the Kingdom of Hawaii showing a desire to become a territory of the United States.

Under the US Constitution, before you can become a state you must first become a territory. So, if there are no treaties between the United States and the Kingdom of Hawaii showing a desire to become a territory of the United States, how did Hawaii skip over this part to become a state?

On July 4, 1898 Congress passed the Newlands Resolution, which was a Joint Resolution by the United States Congress to annex the independent Republic of Hawaii. In 1900 Congress created the Territory of Hawaii.

These are a couple problems here, first of which is the fact that Congress does not have the authority to steal land and make it part of the United States by drafting a resolution, which is exactly what they did. Secondly, they annexed the independent "Republic of Hawaii", yet the Kingdom of Hawaii still existed, they just overlooked that pesky little legal fact.

The illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii has been a thorn in the side of the United States for 125 years and they have been trying to ignore it the whole time.

So, just who is the "Republic of Hawaii"? The US citizens living in Hawaii that imprisoned the queen, with the help of US Marines sailors from the USS Boston illegally set up their own government calling themselves the Republic of Hawaii.

Below is a photo taken at the time of the overthrow showing the USS Boston's landing force on duty at the Arlington Hotel, Honolulu, at the time of the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, January 1893. Lieutenant Lucien Young, USN, commanded the detachment, and is presumably the officer at right

The problem with having US military on the ground in Hawaii during the overthrow is that it directly links the US government to the forceful overthrow of the rightful government of an independent and sovereign nation. This fact will become very important in the future.

Once the overthrow had been accomplished the troops went back to the USS Boston and left Honolulu Harbor which we will soon learn was in itself a warcrime but we will get to the warcrimes committed y the United States of America against the the subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii in a moment.

A lot of people compare the overthrow and annexation of Hawaii to that of the American Indian nations in the continental United States. While their land was also stolen by the United States, there is a clear distinction with regard to what happened in Hawaii when it comes to international law.

Hawaii is a recognized independent and sovereign nation who has treaties with many other nations. Notice that I said Hawaii is recognized, I did not say that Hawaii was recognized. The Kingdom of Hawaii still has treaties with over 100 other countries today.

A dispute is working it's way through the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague in the Netherlands now which is very important for a couple reasons. First off, individuals can not bring disputes between themselves to the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Only recognized nations can do this. Before the PCA could hear the dispute they first had to establish if the Kingdom of Hawaii was still a recognized country or not. Their determination was that the Kingdom of Hawaii still exists and remains a recognized nation today so they can hear the arguments of the dispute.

Remember back in 2008 when Obama said he would bring the troops home from Iraq, ad then he didn't. That was because he could not bring the troops home. The US military did in Iraq exactly what they did in Hawaii, they were complicit in the overthrow of a government of an independent ad sovereign nation and they therefore have an obligation under international law to remain with troops to enforce the law. As an occupying force they were not enforcing United States law, they were required to enforce Iraq law.

Since the US military was used in the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, they are bound by that same international law to have the military enforce Kingdom of Hawaii laws to this day and not doing so is another warcrime.

Until Next Time

Aloha & 73 from Hawaii


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