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# 106 - Can Canning Jars, Bands, and Lids be Reused?

I received a question from someone who noticed on a few of my videos that I use canning jars to store my tobacco in for long-term storage and cellaring. She asked if the jars, bands, and lids can be reused, or if they have to be replaced after each use. Her mother told her that she could only use them one time and had to keep purchasing new ones each time.

This is actually a very good question that can cause some confusion because the answer is both yes and no. Basically it depends on what you are wanting to reuse them for, but let's break it down a little more than that so you can understand the theory behind the answers to really understand what is going on.


For the jars themselves, absolutely, they can always be reused as long as they are not damaged. Make sure you never use anything metal inside the jar that micht scratch the inner surface of the jar. If the inner surface of the jar becomes scratched, even slightly, it can never again be used for either water-bath or pressure canning foods, but it is still usable for other things like vacuum sealing.


The bands can always be reused. Nothing really ever happens to them, in fact I have several canning jar rings that are at least 40 or 50 years old that are still going strong. Just wash them up after each use, dry them to keep them from rusting, and store them away for their next use.

For the flat metal lids on top of the jars, this is where the tricky part of the answer comes in. Sometimes yes they can be reused over and over again, and sometimes no they must be replaced when they are used. Let me explain.


If you are using the lids to vacuum seal items in a jar with a machine like a FoodSaver with a canister attachment, like I do with my tobacco that I am storing (not the tobacco that I am cellaring), then yes, the lid can be reused over and over again as long as you are careful when breaking the seal to remove it from the jar and do not bend the lid. As long as it can still achieve a vacuum seal it can still be reused for vacuum sealing in jars.