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#130 - Step-By-Step Active Composting - Day 23

Ok, Just a quick update today as I have some pineapples to get planted this morning. Both piles were cooking away nicely at 160 degrees when I checked on them yesterday . . .

It will be interesting to see how Pile #2 with only the sawdust as the brown carbon component progresses but so far everything looks good.

The main pile is darkening up now. It was a little delayed in showing outward signs of decomposition, maybe due to the fact that the pile kept running so hot with its daily temperature staying around 170 degrees but it appears to finally be acting right now and staying in the 140 to 160 degree temperature range where I want it to stay.

This morning the temperatures had not changed much, here is the main pile running at about 156

And the grass and sawdust pile is running at 158.

Once again time to turn the piles to re-oxygenate them. The main pile is darkening up a little more now and I am not having issues with anaerobic odors anymore since it started running at a more normal temperature range.

Everything seems to be good with both piles so we will just get them all turned over, watered back down, and tucked back in.

Until Next Time,

Aloha & 73


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