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#136 - Step-By-Step Active Composting - Day 27

Welcome to Day 27 of our Active Composting series where we follow along with the life cycle of a compost pile from beginning to end.


When I checked on the piles yesterday the main pile was running at 135 degrees . . . 

and the second experimental pile was running at 169 degrees.


Because the Hawaii weather has been so hot lately both piles were getting quite dry so I gave each of them 2-gallons of water to get them by until today when I turned and watered them on their regular schedule.


Today the main pile had dropped to about 132 degrees.

The second pile had dropped to about 165 degrees. I noticed that almost all of the sawdust and wood shavings that I had started this pile with were already gone so I added about another pound of shavings to the pile as I turned and soaked it back down.