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#138 - Step-By-Step Active Composting - Final Day

I had to take a break from the compost piles yesterday as I was not feeling good so I did not get to turn them on their regular schedule.  Since this is the end of the cycle for the main pile skipping a day does not make a difference anyway. I am not trying to heat the main pile up anymore I am just waiting for it to drop out of the Active temperature range to start its slow decomposition cycle.


I did check the temperatures on the piles each day, and on both Monday and Tuesday, the main pile was running 126 degrees . . . 

The second pile with all of the wood shavings continued to run at 165 degrees for both days . . . 

Today the main pile had dropped to 118 degrees, so it is slowly coming out of the thermophilic decomposition phase. 

The second pile was still cooking away at 161 degrees.