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Spot Cleaning A Kilt

From time to time things are bound to happen, that is just life. And when you are wearing a kilt, inevitably things are going to happen to your kilt.


The following tips are intended for a 100% wool Scottish kilt. Mixed fiber, man-made materials, and "Sport Kilts" are not nearly as resilient and resistant to dirt.


If you have ever tried to wear a kilt while attending a picnic, 4th of July barbeque, or tried to grab a quick bite to eat while attending the highland games you will understand the seemingly magnetic attraction that a kilt has to food.


When you get a small food stain on your kilt, that doesn't mean that you need to clean the entire kilt. A spot cleaning may be all that is necessary, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that you ACT QUICKLY. Time is of the essence here, the longer the stain stays on the kilt the higher the chances are of it becoming permanent.


Clean as soon as possible with a damp cloth with a TINY amount of dish soap or baby shampoo. Place a kitchen towel on a hard surface, put the kilt (where the spot is) over the towel, and press the damp towel with the soap over it.


DO NOT RUB. you can squeeze moisture and soap through the tartan and then check to see if the stain is coming out. Repeat until the stain is gone, rinse using clear water, and then allow the tartan to dry. After that, you can press it.


Stubborn stains may be helped with a stain removal product such as K2R Spotlifter, but use this as a last resort as K2R contains some very volatile chemicals like Acetone, Butane, Propane, and Methyl Acetate that along with lifting the stain from your kilt, will also strip the natural oils that protect the wool fibers. K2R is basically a Dry Cleaner in a can, and you all know my thoughts about dry cleaning your kilt.


The most important thing is to treat the stain ASAP.


Avoid colored juice drinks, mustard, and ketchup.


Beer or other alcohol spills should be rinsed immediately with water and blotted dry.


Wool is very resilient and naturally resistant to dirt, so a wool kilt requires minimal care. To keep your kilt free of lint and dust, you can lightly brush it downwards with a soft clothes brush.

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