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#141 - Making Delicious Yogurt The Easy Way At Home

I have been researching various ways of making fresh yogurt here at home instead of spending so much buying manufactured yogurt from the grocery stores. After thoroughly going over each method from start to finish I started noticing flaws in a few of the methods that from a food safety perspective I know from all of my years of training in food safety will allow harmful bacteria to multiply in the milk before it has a chance to become yogurt.


I also noticed that most of these methods were quite difficult and required almost constant effort on your part while it is cooking. I'm sorry, but if it is that involved and exacting, I would just rather buy the stuff and let someone else deal with all the headaches and hard work.


But then I checked out making yogurt with the Instant Pot and that changed everything. The Instant Pot does all the work, there is no continuous stirring of the milk to keep it from burning on the bottom of the pot as you have to with a stovetop method.


But still, the whole heating the milk to 180 degrees which takes about 25 minutes in the Instant Pot, and then using an ice bath to cool the milk back down to 110 to 115 degrees before you put in the active yogurt starter was a bit too much work for me. Plus having to make sure that you have a cooking thermometer handy. Plus there will be a little bit of scalded milk on the bottom of the Instant Pot, yuck. Remember, I'm lazy, I want to find the easiest way possible that does the very best job. Then I found the answer.


Cold Start Yogurt is a very new method of creating yogurt in an Instant Pot which does not involve heating the milk up before the active culture yogurt starter is added to the milk. Everything is started out cold which removes two of the steps in the traditional Insta Pot yogurt method.


All you do is pour in an Ultra Pasteurized and Ultra Filtered milk. For the Cold Start Method, you MUST use Ultra Pasteurized and Ultra Filtered milk, do not try using regular milk for this. Regular pasteurized milk was not heated up enough to kill all of the harmful bacteria which is contained within it, that is why with the traditional yogurt making methods you must heat the milk up to 180 degrees before you start making the yogurt.


With Ultra Pasteurized